Thursday, February 25, 2010

The post wherein I admit I have issues.

This morning when the nanny arrived and we were doing the normal changing of the guard, Elliot made a lunge for me while sitting on the floor and bumped his head. It wasn’t a bad bump, and he only cried for a second, still though, poor baby! But actually, I was sort of glad he did it. Not because I am a sadist. Or because I have Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy, but because he lunged at ME! The twins have become a little more stranger-wary recently, but they really don’t seem to differentiate who amongst the people they know well is with them. I was admittedly getting a bit worried that they enjoyed the nanny’s company just as much (or more) than the company of me, their mom (I probably shouldn’t admit these things in public, but maybe this is common amongst those who delegate a portion of childcare to someone else?). So today, when he lunged at ME, while the nanny was sitting right next to him, I couldn’t help but enjoy it. Leah has already had a couple mom-please moments, but Elliot really hadn’t. It’s not that I was taking it personally, but fine, I was taking it a little personally. I have been warned that separation anxiety is far worse than infant indifference, but it’s nice to be recognized as The Mom.

And now I will eat his succulent brains...
Photo credit to Grandma Terry.


  1. Yeah, that was totally me! It is a nice little love hate/relationship with our childcare provider. I was annoyed for weeks when they snuggled my lady and lovingly played with her necklace one morning when I dropped them off....traitors!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Seriously I am dying over your Two Pump Chump post. I haven't said that out loud about someone in a very very long time in a lifetime far far away.

    Cute cute cute babies.