Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some More Twins!

If this photo had thought bubbles, I would be thinking "OMG, how do you hold a baby and smile at the same time." and Craig would be thinking "Don't drop the baby. Don't drop the baby." These twins are Beatrix and Winona, the daughters of our friends Maggie and Justin in Chicago. They've done a great job of raising those little babies into seriously adorable toddlers and provide us with some inspiration (twinspiration, if you will) that perhaps we also can keep two babies alive at once.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

16.5 Week Pictures

Here are some pictures of what vaguely look like babies.  Lemon and Lime are definitely looking a lot more like babies these days, if a bit like babies with exoskeletons (not something you look for in your baby, but I hear it's normal for this stage).  First shot is Baby 1 (aka Lime/A/boy-baby).  Second shot is Baby 2 (aka Lemon/B/girl-baby).  Third shot is also 2, but skeletor face forward.  Have you ever seen a cuter skull?  We're quite fond of them.  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

16.5 Week Sonogram

This was a big one!  Lemon and Lime look perfect.  4 Chambered hearts: check.  Two-lobed brains: check.  Femurs: check.  Boy parts: check.  Girl parts: check.  That's right, we have a boy and a girl!!  We saw Lime's boy parts straight away.  He totally spread-eagled for the sonogram.  His sister was a little more demure (like her mom) and refused to show the goods for a while.  After much  slapping around of my stomach with the ultrasound transducer and two technicians, she finally complied and it was clear that she is indeed a girl.  

So Craig and I are totally psyched and couldn't be happier.  And it looks like my motherly instincts are already totally off and my friends and family know my uterus better than I do.  Sonogram pictures and a 16 week shot of my expanding girth to come...