Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week 12 Sonogram & NT Scan

Lemon and Lime looked perfect today at the 12 week scan.  Both babies are measuring exactly on target and look like wee lil' big-headed people.  Lime (aka Baby A) is "presenting" and is a bouncy little sucker.  He wouldn't stay still for a second for the doctor to take any measurements.  He's obviously going to be the bad one.  Lemon (Baby B) was also squirmy, but seemed to have a bit less space to move around.  Oh, and no new clues on genders, I just refer to them as boys because that's my hunch.  But I'm really not known for my intuition.

Here are some pictures of the kiddos.  They aren't great shots, and I think it's because sonogram techs don't really like Craig and me.  I don't know why, but it could be that we talk too much while they're trying to do their jobs.  First is Lime, then Lemon, then the whole murky gang.     

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Here I am thinking: "Two babies at once.  That's just crazy!".  Ha ha ha ha heh heh.  Yikes.  Those are our nieces back when they were teensy newborns in 2004.  Sasha is closest to me and Amanda is the one in front with the chicken legs (I'm pretty sure). 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Week 9 Ultrasound

Introducing Lemon and Lime (Lemon is on top, Lime on bottom).  Note Lemon's arm and leg buds (his head is on the right).   He appears to be orbiting his yolk sac.   Lime is just chilling, with his big head to the left. 

Houston, we have a blog.

Since we seem to be having two babies sometime in the next six months, we thought we should fulfill our blog-writing requirement.  The blog will serve to update our family and friends on our twins-in-progress, but if someone decides we need to be professional bloggers, so be it.   Check back soon for pictures (sonogram and otherwise) and updates.

Now we just sit back and wait for the advertising revenue to come in...