Thursday, July 9, 2009

36 weeks and 2 days

Pregnancy really is all fun and games... Until you're 36+ weeks pregnant with twins. Then there is very little fun nor many games. I am still pregnant and relatively upright. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have made it to 34 weeks or so with relatively little discomfort and no complications, so I can deal with these last couple of weeks of hardship, if I must.

In any case, both babies are looking good. After a short lived low-platelet scare that had us thinking delivery might occur last week or this week, my blood is now behaving and the ultimate goal is July 20th, which will be 38 weeks on the nose. According to the ultrasounds we have on a weekly basis, the babies are measuring in at just over 5lbs a pop, though the ultrasound people really don't inspire a ton of confidence in their measurements and 20% up or down is likely. Plus, given that Baby B has her head underneath Baby A's tummy, it's tough to get good measurements these days. In any case, they are big and looking healthy and kicking the crap out of me on the regular. 11 days and counting...

Here's me at 36 weeks and 2 days pregnant (and thrilled, obviously):