Friday, April 3, 2009

5.5 Months

I’m 22 weeks pregnant now (23 weeks on Monday), and it’s all gone by very quickly. It’s April and we basically have to get through this month, May and June and then twin arrival date is imminent. I’m very conflicted because I look forward to not being pregnant anymore, but not being pregnant means that we have two babies to take care of. And, um, I must have missed the part of college where they teach you how to take care of babies, because I feel pretty clueless! Also, not being pregnant means that the twins had to have come out somehow. And, yikes. Not that we aren't totally thrilled to welcome the twins into our lives and homes, because we absolutely are.

In any case, life is good at the moment. I have had an incredibly uneventful pregnancy so far (everyone knock on wood, please). I feel the babies rolling around and kicking me at various times throughout the day and am beginning to be able to distinguish between Lemon’s and Lime’s movements. I have no clue how much weight I’ve gained, but am pretty sure it changes (upwards) daily. These days I’m doing a lot of reading and hanging out at home with Craig. We’re very excited for the weather to improve, which it has been doing slowly, and I can’t wait to spend some time on our porch enjoying our backyard and frightening neighborhood children with my girth.

Here are some updated photos from last weekend in Philadelphia where we celebrated Jerry and Terry Greiner’s 60th birthdays. I really don't think I look as large as I do in the first photo in real life, but that could be some sort of mental self-preservation mechanism talking. The second photo is taken at the beautiful Longwood Garden's outside Philly. I highly recommend a visit if you are in the neighborhood and don't have debilitating seasonal allergies. I can't wait to take the twins there in a year or two.