Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lap Space

Is Craig's lap big enough for 2 cats and 2 babies?  We will soon find out.  I'll post the photographic evidence when is becomes available.

28 Weeks and 6 Days

Honestly, there's just not much to report.  Everything is going according to plan and we're cruising quickly through the weeks.  At last check, the babies looked great and were estimated to be 2lbs 2oz (boy) and 2lbs 1oz (girl), which was totally on target for a singleton baby at 27 weeks.  I'm feeling a lot of kicking these days, which is very cool.  Baby boy especially kicks like crazy, whereas baby girl's kicks are more delicate and subtle.  Perhaps a preview of what is to come?   

We're getting really excited and have begun to count down weeks in single digits (9 weeks left at most!).   We're passing the time by watching a ton of Boston sports, getting our house into shape and enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having this spring.  Craig has also been cooking awesome dinners for us and I've been doing some knitting, reading up on some baby books and making lists of all the stuff we need.  So I guess you could call this the calm before the storm...

Here are some updated photos of me plus a bonus shot of how lovely our house has been this spring (our first living here).  I'll post some before and afters of our almost completed bathroom renovations when they are totally done (hopefully early this week).

27 weeks (don't worry, we'll keep the demon cat away from the babies):  

Today (I don't know why I can't have a normal look on my face when I take these photos.  Maybe because Craig gives me milliseconds to prepare for the picture?): 

And the house a couple weeks back.  We love our lil' cul-de-sac in the burbs (and the garden on the right looks even better now):