Wednesday, June 10, 2009

32 Weeks 2 Days

This is me at 32 weeks in all my splendor and glory and girth. I think I'm starting to look a lot like a Smart Car. Actually, I could probably crush a Smart Car at this point. Is it really possible to get bigger than this? Don't answer that...

Seriously, I was wondering why people run in the opposite direction when they see this coming, but now I understand. No one wants to be the closest person to me when I go into labor.

And you'll all be happy to know that Calza is settling into new her nursery quite well.

Enough with the pictures already...

Friday, June 5, 2009

31 weeks 4 days

Here we are at almost 8 months pregnant, and all is still going well. I don't post here a lot, because there just isn't a lot to report! I had an ultrasound on Wednesday and the babies looked great. They are both very active (I did not need an ultrasound to know that) and measuring perfectly for their gestation. They both weigh around 3lbs 5oz (+/- the 10-20% margin of error of u/s measurements). That is 40th percentile for their gestation, which is great for twins. Our main issue at this time is that Baby A (aka the boy, or Lime) is still breech, and if he stays that way, I'll be having a c-section. We're going to do all we can to encourage him to flip, but honestly, there's nothing we can do about it.

My OB was very impressed by my professional-style gestating and is letting me go one extra week before I begin my weekly visits. I rock at pregnancy, just don't ask me to do it again. We discussed the fact that if Lime remains breech, and I don't go into labor early, I'll go in for a scheduled c-section. We actually picked a date: July 20, 2009. A very good birthday indeed.

Craig and I are enjoying our last weeks of our existence as just Craig and Alexis. I'll definitely miss our time together just the two of us, but I am very excited to enter the next phase. Pretty crazy to think about what is to come.

Here are some more entirely indiscernible pictures from this week's ultrasound. I again asked the technician for a quick look with the 3D machine and, as expected, he looked at me like I have three heads (heh, I just realized that I sort of do have three heads at the moment). Every single other pregnant person I know gets these, yet I am afraid it is not meant to be for us. As Craig says, we'll have them in 3D constantly soon enough.

First shot is Lime (the boy). It's just his face. Interpret it as you will.

Second is Lemon (the girl). Also her face, and really only half of it. Squint and look at it like those Magic Eye posters from the 90s, that might help.