Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I think I know, but I don't.

I think I know how my babies will respond to various things, but clearly, I don't. Last night, I fed Elliot and sang to him in the guest room, before putting him to bed (swaddled) in the pack and play at 7ish. He was wide awake. He whined, so I went back in to top him up with a bit more milk so I was positive he had eaten enough. I left, with the expectation of going back in after 3 minutes of crying, a la Ferber. He cried off and on, but never met the 3 minute mark. By 7:30, silence. Pure, golden silence. And that was that until 6:30am. Wait, what? He slept for 11 hours straight. This is the first time he slept anywhere but in his bouncy seat in 4 months. He has never slept all night before.

Nary I should forget that Leah too slept ALL night. I have the world's best babies. For today. We shall see what happens tonight. It really is amazing what a full night of sleep will do to a person. Good things, I tell you. There is an animated blue bird singing on my shoulder at this very moment. It's wonderful to be alive. For today.

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