Monday, March 9, 2009

19 Week Update

Hi there!  Still gestating over here.  Not much to report and I guess that's a good thing.  Pregnancy is really not the constant stream of excitement I always thought it would be.  Obviously I am getting bigger.  I didn't realize how much bigger until looking at the photos below, which I didn't download until tonight.  We don't have a full-length mirror in our house these days because of renovations, so I'm sort of flying blind.  Until now.  Yikes.  This week was the last time that I will pose for these weekly photos in my pajamas.  I'm dressing up next time. And going to the salon for full hair/make-up.  I do think it's funny that the t-shirt I've been wearing for the pictures has slowly been creeping up my belly.  Soon it will be more of a sports bra.

All in all, everything is going really well and we're halfway there!  I am getting more excited and nervous on a daily basis and Craig is getting more excited and impatient for Lemon and Lime to arrive.  With the end of winter just around the corner, we only have a season and a half to go.  I really do need the winter to end though because I am testing the limits and structural integrity of my winter coat these days.  

We have an ultrasound next Tuesday at 20 weeks!  I'll post some photos of the kids then.

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  1. What an exciting time for you! I wish you all the best! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Have a great week!