Thursday, February 19, 2009

16.5 Week Sonogram

This was a big one!  Lemon and Lime look perfect.  4 Chambered hearts: check.  Two-lobed brains: check.  Femurs: check.  Boy parts: check.  Girl parts: check.  That's right, we have a boy and a girl!!  We saw Lime's boy parts straight away.  He totally spread-eagled for the sonogram.  His sister was a little more demure (like her mom) and refused to show the goods for a while.  After much  slapping around of my stomach with the ultrasound transducer and two technicians, she finally complied and it was clear that she is indeed a girl.  

So Craig and I are totally psyched and couldn't be happier.  And it looks like my motherly instincts are already totally off and my friends and family know my uterus better than I do.  Sonogram pictures and a 16 week shot of my expanding girth to come...   


  1. Yea, yea, yea!!!!! One of each will be perfect! I'm so glad their hearts look good- it's always a big worry of mine (being the pediatric nurse and all!). How are you feeling? Are you any less tired? I can't wait to see pics of you!! Have a great evening and weekend!

  2. I have been writing and then erasing things for the last half hour, I am just too happy and far too concerned with grammar to express myself here. This is just the most fun thing ever, I cant wait for them to finally be here. The expanding girth shots cant come soon enough :) ha ha!
    Aunt Sarah